Wry Wright Obituary, Columbus GA, Funeral And Visitation Information

Wry Wright Obituary, Death – Wry Wright fought cancer for a significant portion of his life but was ultimately unsuccessful and succumbed to the disease on April 6, 2023. He had to leave us. Given the unexpected turn of circumstances, we would like to show his wife and children our compassion by assisting them in overcoming any financial difficulties they may be facing at this time. Please accept our offer of assistance. We would like to help them with their finances as a means of accomplishing this goal.

We would like to do this so that we can help them navigate the issues that they are currently encountering and we would like to do this so that we can help them. His two younger brothers, Riley, who is 12 years old, and Lawson, who is 9 years old, are the only members of his family to have survived him after the tragedy that befell his family. His devoted wife, Julie, and their two children are the only people he has in his life at this point in time. The expenses that are involved with the funeral preparations that are required to be made in this scenario will be covered by the money that is provided to this fund, and it will be utilized to help defray those charges.

Every one of the young guys will get their very own savings account, which will serve as the repository for any additional money that comes their way. This account will also be handed to them as a gift. This account will be used to save money for the boys’ future needs and school fees, as well as for any other costs that may come up in the future. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the contribution that you made, and I hope that you won’t mind that I’m doing so here.