Winnie Furnari Obituary, Member Of Dental Hygiene Academy Has Died

Winnie Furnari Obituary, Death – Yesterday marked the passing of Winnie Furnari MS, RDH, FASDH, FAAFS, FADE, a titanic figure in the world of dentistry. She was a member of these organizations: FASDH, FAAFS, and FADE. This piece of information comes to you with a deep sense of regret on our part. In addition to being a mother, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, coworker, champion, and mentor, she was a wonderful friend.

Her list of roles included mother, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, and mentor. In addition to being an outstanding educator, she is an illustrious example of both leadership and mentoring. She gave a presentation on forensic dentistry that was given on a national level, during which she described her experience of assisting in the efforts to identify the victims of the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001.

The attacks occurred on September 11, and the World Trade Center was the location. The excitement that Winnie had for the field of dentistry will be terribly missed, but we can all honor her memory by continuing our work in our own unique ways and advancing the discipline. This will be a fitting way to pay tribute to her. Because to the assistance you provide to AADH and ADHA, Winnie’s zeal and her vision will be maintained for many years to come. Rest In Peace, Winnie. You have made the world a better place via your actions.