Walker Lamoureaux Obituary, Walker Lamoureaux Has Sadly Passed Away

Walker Lamoureaux Obituary, Death – The unexpected stoppage of Walker Lamoureaux’s heartbeat on April 11, 2023, led to the official pronouncement of his death. Lamoureaux was 33 years old. It was impossible for the medical staff to bring him back to life, despite their best attempts. He was unable to be resuscitated. An announcement concerning the Memorial Service that will be held in the not-too-distant future will be made at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Josephine received the majority of her schooling from the Smith Street Schools while they were still open and attending classes there. She also worked for Beldings and Acme, and she was employed by Powdrell & Alexander at one point. She had great pleasure in trying out new activities, indulging in artistic endeavors, going on adventures, and making things with her hands, including knitting and crocheting. She was the kind of person who was concerned about the well-being of others and who had a genuine love for her own family.

She also had a profound concern for the well-being of her own family. Because it was their home, Josephine took a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that she and her husband had constructed their home jointly and that they had maintained it during the length of their marriage. Josephine’s pride was well-founded. Survived by her daughter Joan Taylor of Palm Coast, FL, grandchildren Daniel Gardner, and Celeste Lussier, and her husband Daniel.

Dale Gardner and his wife Susan, Celina Burnett and Kathleen Taylor Powers, great-grandchildren Matthew, Jocelyn, Victoria, Erica, Craig, Katherine, Zachary, Daniel, Joshua and Brian, great-great-grandchildren Abigail, Wyatt, Madison, Wesley, and Audrey, brother Walter, a sister Veronica and several nieces and nephews. Florence, Elizabeth, Helen, Victoria, and Francis were her siblings, but sadly all of them had already passed away before she did. Her siblings had all passed away before she did.