Vince Raspa Obituary, Vince Raspa Death Notice

Vince Raspa Obituary, Death – The news that Vince Raspa, my first cousin and the cherished son of Emma and Ferdinando Raspa, has been summoned to the house of God is something that I must break to my family and friends on Facebook with a heavy heart and a sense of profound loss.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his wife Andrea, their children Mathew and Vittoria, his sister Nadia Raspa and his brother Joe, along with their respective families, as well as Joe’s brother-in-law and Andrea’s brother.

Our condolences go out to each and every Raspa family in the city of Vasto. Xerox’s Canadian Production Systems were under Vince Raspa’s direction as Director.

He was calm, kind, clever, and loving, in addition to being highly determined to achieve success and make progress. His passion for sports will leave an empty hole in the homes of his nephews and an empty space in the lives of his nieces, who all cherished having their uncle’s thoughts and ideas tossed around in conversation with them.

His laughter had a peculiar and resonant quality, and it was possible to hear it reverberating in any room of the house.
He was loved without condition by all of his cousins, but undoubtedly especially by his loving God-parents Marisa and Leonard. All of his cousins adored him.