Valerie LeGrand Obituary, Sadly, Valerie LeGrand Has Died Unexpectedly

Valerie LeGrand Obituary, Death – While I was holding Valerie LeGrand, she passed away, and I was there to see it. I will never forget that moment. Additionally offering her assistance was Danielle Depot, who came along with her son Gabriel LeGrand to show her support. There was also Danielle present. To the very end, Val exemplified what it means to be a VALIANT person by acting in a way that was consistent with her name.

She fought tooth and nail to be able to spend more time with her loved ones, which included her family as well as her friends, and she was ultimately successful in doing so. Her loved ones included both her family and her friends. She had reached the age of 22. She was born in St. Louis on April 11th, 1983, and her birthday is currently April 11th. St. Louis is the city where she was born. In 1996, she uprooted her life and relocated to Plant City, Florida, from the previous site. Waitressing was one of the occupations she held in the past.

Miss LeGrand is survived by her father, Richard Allen LeGrand, who resides in Bradenton Beach; her mother, Laura Leigh LeGrand, who also resides in Bradenton Beach; her sisters, Michele Oakley, who resides in Lakeland, and Jessica LeGrand, who resides in Bradenton Beach; in addition, her grandmother, Marie LeGrand, who resides in Sebring; and her sisters Michele Oakley and Jessica LeGrand survive her as well.