Trevor Neilly Obituary, Goldsprings True Defenders Band Member Has Died

Trevor Neilly Obituary, Death – The loss of Trevor Neilly, who was the father and grandfather of Andrew Neilly, one of our most cherished band members, and Andrew’s son Dylan, has left the Goldsprings True Defenders inconsolably saddened. The band sends its deepest sympathies to Andrew, Dylan, and the rest of their extended family during this incredibly challenging and terrible time.

The Bible states, “Blessed are the mourners, for they shall be comforted. You always had the feeling that he was compassionate and accepted individuals for who they were when you engaged with him. When it came to his generosity, he did not discriminate; if you wanted to be a part of his world, he would accept you without a second thought no matter what you looked like, where you lived, or what you were interested in. Both of Darians’ parent’s sides of the family share this characteristic.

Darian had a remarkable level of intelligence. He never had to study because he was successful early on, and while attending Enatai Elementary School, Chinook Middle School, and Bellevue High School, he valued his friendships.  As he grew older, he participated in sports like skating, water skiing, and wakeboarding, pushing his athleticism to new heights.

Dari’s true interest was music, at least in the end. He was able to express through the unadulterated and exquisite eloquence of his original music composition and song remixing what he was unable to express through speech. His exceptional talent allowed him to learn how to play songs on the piano and drums without ever having to refer to any sheet music.