Tracey Jacqueline Obituary, Funeral Arrangements Of Tracey Jacqueline

Tracey Jacqueline Obituary, Death – Mrs. Tracey Jacqueline Sturgess had 57 years of expertise in her field at the time of her death. Her professional experience included work in a variety of fields. Mrs. Sturgess was a lifelong resident of the Chesterfield area, having been born and raised there. She was from the neighborhood.

Tracey has never lived anyplace else; she has lived in this community her entire life and has no plans to leave in the near future. She has spent the last 25 years as an assistant at Hazlehurst Hairdressing Wholesalers, as well as the prior 35 years as a mobile hairdresser. She has worked in that area for the past fifty years. Both of these roles are currently hiring in the realm of haircare, so if you’re interested, you should look into it.

She enjoyed a wide range of interests and activities, including, but not limited to, spending time with her family, traveling on vacation, tending to her garden, making new acquaintances, and eating out at restaurants. She also loves vacation travel. The Tracey family members who were spared injury or death as a result of this terrible ordeal were her husband Paul, their children Kieran and Caitlin, as well as their grandchildren Evie, Lola, Harry, and Eddie: her husband Paul, their children Kieran and Caitlin, and their grandchildren Evie, Lola, Harry, and Eddie.

Even more miraculously, neither of her parents was harmed in any way by the tragic tragedy that occurred in our world. Her cremation is set to take place at the Chesterfield Crematorium on April 21st, at 15:10 p.m. The Hasland Club will give refreshments to all who came immediately following the conclusion of the event.