Tony Muller Obituary, Former Employee Of Lizard RNLI Lifeboat Station Has Died

Tony Muller Obituary, Death – When we found out that Tony Muller, a beautiful friend who had worked with us in the past and who was also an employee, had passed away, the sheer amount of our grief crushed our hearts into a million pieces. Tony had worked with us in the past, and he was also an employee.

After shouldering the responsibilities associated with his role as a member of the lifeboat crew for a significant amount of time, Tony eventually came to the realization that it would be in his best interest to step down from his position. The choice to make this adjustment came about after Tony had already served in this capacity for a considerable amount of time before it was decided to do so.

After he had made this choice, he was then given the title of DLA, which is an abbreviation for “Deputy Launch Authority,” indicating that he was elevated to the job of “Deputy Launch Authority.” After he had made this decision, he was then granted the title of DLA.

In this extremely trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with Tony’s family, and in his honor, the flag has been lowered to half-staff so that it can be seen with more clarity. This will make it possible to honor the flag in a manner that is more fitting. The flag will remain at a half-staff posture for the duration of this time period until such time as it is raised again, which may or may not be at some point in the future.