Tommy Lawlor Obituary, Kickboxing Coach Tommy Lawlor Death Notice

Tommy Lawlor Obituary, Death – Tommy “Rocky” Lawlor, who had previously served as John Walsh’s kickboxing instructor, went suddenly yesterday morning in London when he was a patient in an operating room.

John Walsh is in charge of our coaching staff. The coaching methods and guiding ideas that he learned from @grandmastertoddy in the United Kingdom enabled him to become an outstanding instructor who was decades ahead of his time in terms of effectiveness. In the course of the 1980s.

He never missed an opportunity to book his boxers on the most prominent fight cards in the world, which afforded them the best potential opportunities to advance their careers and earn more money.

He continually put on first-rate shows and even invited celebrities to make commentary on his own broadcasts and engage in live interviews after the fights. After the matches, he also conducted interviews with fans in real time. His performances were always among the very finest in the industry.

He was decades ahead of his peers in every respect. A true pioneer in the combat sport that is now commonly referred to as Irish Martial Arts.

a close and trusted friend of John’s who has maintained regular communication with him throughout the course of the past several years, in particular in more recent times.