Tom Mills Obituary, Member Of Australian Plants Society Has Died

Tom Mills Obituary, Death- I must break the news to everyone that another significant member of the Australian Plants Society has passed away. It is with a heavy heart that I have to do so.

On the morning of April 30th, 2023, Tom Mills, who was also a coordinator in the COOTS Group, passed away. Tom had been sick for some time. He was diagnosed with a very dangerous form of cancer, the rapid progression of which took all of us by surprise. Tom served in a variety of capacities in our society, and it goes without saying that he will be sorely missed by each and every member of the society, including myself because I regarded Tom as the central pillar of the COOTS Group. Finding someone else who is capable of filling his thongs will be extremely challenging, if not impossible if he is not there. So much of the behind-the-scenes planning would be tough to accomplish without him.

In my final conversation with Tom, I thanked him for everything that he had done, but more significantly, I tried to impress upon him the significance of the job that he had done because it was such a legacy to all of us. I know that Tom has worked tirelessly on all of the four main projects that we work at, Lands End, Pine Point, Port Parham, and Hope Valley Reservoir, and when I look at the results now, compared to what was there initially, he has every reason to be proud of the work that he did. I look at these projects and know that Tom has worked tirelessly on all of them.

Because of all of those efforts, we can also feel proud of what we have accomplished, as a direct result of which we are able to breathe oxygen.
Although we are still working out the specifics of his funeral, I believe it is very important to pay tribute to Tom and everything he accomplished in his life. It was a testament to his abilities. His favorite pastime was to sit around the campfire and chat with other people who shared his appreciation for the Australian outback and everything that was related to preserving it.