Tage Toll Obituary, Texas, Tage Toll Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Tage Toll Obituary, Death – Tage B. Toll, who lives in Talkeetna and is currently 40 years old, was hired as an Alaska State Trooper in 2003. Prior to that, he had worked as an officer for the Kansas Highway Patrol for two years. Clifford, Kansas, is Toll’s hometown, and he enrolled in the Kansas Public Safety Academy in the month of February 2003. The toll is a native of the state of Kansas. After finishing his study at the academy and graduating in July of 2003, Toll began his career in law enforcement by completing his initial field training at the Alaska State Trooper post in Fairbanks.

In October of 2004, Toll was given a transfer to the Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement in Glennallen. The Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement is a section of the Alaska State Troopers that is responsible for the enforcement of wildlife laws. Toll had been working in his former post for more than two years when he was presented with the opportunity to transition into the AST function in Northway. The next year, in September of 2009, Toll moved to Talkeetna from its previous location. During his time spent working at this station, he did so with a Sergeant, an Administrative Clerk, a Trooper with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, and three other Troopers with the Alaska State Police. Throughout his shifts, Toll was regularly trusted with the role of functioning as an Officer-in-Charge.

In addition to his responsibilities working as a firearms instructor for the Department of Public Safety, Toll was also a member of the Southcentral Special Emergency Reaction Team (SC-SERT). In 2012, he was given the Shooting Award for having B Detachment’s highest overall average score during the year. This achievement earned him a distinction. He was always willing to accompany his workers to the shooting range in order to provide assistance and guidance to them as they worked to improve their marksmanship. In addition to that, this year he was a candidate for the Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Award because of the excellent service he provides to his clients.