Sylvia Lorden Obituary, All England Dance Adjudicators Has Died

Sylvia Lorden Obituary, Death –All England Dance is unable to find any consolation with the hearing of the tragic news regarding the deaths of Sylvia Lorden on April 2 and Patricia Lupino Thompson on April 19. Both Sylvia Lorden and Patricia Lupino Thompson passed away in the month of April; Sylvia Lorden on the 2nd and Patricia Lupino Thompson on the 19th.

Both of these women have a stellar reputations in their roles as judges. During their time with the organization, they were not only dependable adjudicators, but they also served as Regional Directors and festival organizers for a number of years. During this time, they were also members of the organization. The entirety of this work was completed throughout the term of their employment with the organization.

We owe them an incredible debt of appreciation because of everything that they have done, and we pledge that we will never forget the legacy that they have left behind. Because of everything that they have done, we owe them an incalculable debt of gratitude. During this horrible time, we want the members of their families and loved ones to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them and are with them always. My hope is that in the life to come, they will both be able to discover a place of calm and contentment.