Stephanie Behm Obituary South Bend Indiana, In Loving memory of Stephanie Behm

Stephanie Behm Obituary, Death – This morning, Stephanie was taken from us in a sad accident. The passing of such a free-spirited person has left all of us reeling. She established a reputation for herself at the Stray Dog, and her presence there will be sadly missed by everyone.

We are attempting to raise some funds in order to cover the expenses associated with her funeral and to provide for her children, whom she cherished more than life itself. Whatever it is that may be contributed would be very much welcomed and would be of great assistance.

I will add information to this page whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Hearing of the passing of Stephanie Behm has made my heart feel very heavy tonight. Hearing about the demise of a childhood friend is never an easy thing to go through.

Despite my best efforts, I just can’t get my head around this one. What a gentle being who was removed from this world way too soon!!! My heart aches for her children and the rest of her family. I truly cannot express how sorry I am! We are just here for one day before leaving completely the following day. Life’s unfair!