Stan Wilton Obituary, Stan Wilton Of Central Midlands Football League Has Died

Stan Wilton Obituary, Death – The Central Midlands Football League would like to offer its most sincere sympathies to the members of Stan Wilton’s family and friends, who were saddened to learn of his passing at the age of 79. Everyone in Stan’s personal circle of friends and family, including Stan himself, was taken aback when they heard about his passing. The sudden and unexpected passing of Stan left his family and all of his friends in a state of shock.

Stan was a consistent participant not only in our games but also in a significant number of other contests across a wide range of levels. He assisted me with our demanding schedule by providing me with two match reports just the week before, and he was looking forward to the cup final that will take place this coming Sunday. It is impossible to place a sufficient level of value on his abilities and support for both teams and the people who developed them when they are played in the framework of a game that is not part of a league.

This is because the game is not part of any league, which explains why this is the case. The absence of a league structure in games that are played outside of leagues is to blame for this situation. Everyone who was granted the amazing opportunity to become acquainted with this remarkable man will grievously miss him, but we will never forget him and will always appreciate the memories we have of him. Stan boy, we want that the knowledge that you made all of us proud will provide you with some measure of solace. I hope that you can find some peace.