Shooting In Mankato MN Today, Police Investigating Shooting Suspect

Shooting In Mankato MN Today – At around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, residents of the Hilltop Lane/Hoffman Road neighborhood in Mankato who reported hearing the sound of “shots fired” were advised by police to take cover inside their houses. Residents reported hearing the sound of “shots fired.” This came about after they claimed to have heard the sound of “shots fired.” The law enforcement officers who were currently stationed at the location of the incident blocked up the road that went into the neighborhood that encompassed the Hilltop Lane Apartments.

This prevented anyone from entering or exiting the neighborhood. This neighborhood can be found about two blocks east, in the general direction of East High School. A further consequence of the restrictions was that entrance inside the residences was never permitted, at any time of the day or night, regardless of the circumstances. There was law enforcement personnel from Mankato and Blue Earth County at the scene of the event. Additionally, there was another specialized equipment present, such as a drone and a swat team that was equipped with an armored truck.

In addition to that, there was a special weapons and tactics squad that had a drone at their disposal. According to a message that was posted on the Mankato East High School’s Facebook page, all of the after-school events that were scheduled to take place at the school have been canceled “due to a potential disturbance in the Hilltop Area.” The explanation given in the communication for the decision to call off the event was that there was “a potential disturbance in the Hilltop Area.” After the school day had come to an end, the parents were given the instruction to collect their children from the side of building that is located on the east side of the building and is close to Highway 22. This instruction was given to the parents at the end of the school day. This particular side of the structure is referred to as the “pickup side.”