Shannon Castillo Obituary Kingston Washington, In Memory of Shannon Castillo

Shannon Castillo Obituary, Death – On April 15, 2023, Shannon Castillo, who was a wife, mother, devoted volunteer, and “little league mom” to hundreds of children, as well as the operator of Thistle Floral and Home in Kingston, passed tragically suddenly. She was a member of the Castillo family, and her death came as a shock to everyone.

Those who had the good fortune to know her were blessed by her kind nature and her uninhibited laughter, both of which she freely shared with those around her. Thistle was the center of the entire community’s existence and activities. Gratitude to those who helped her and to the residents of the community and beyond who contributed financially to her care.

During this difficult time, we ask that you please give serious consideration to making a donation to the family’s cause if you are in a position to do so. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the information and send the Castillo family their best wishes.