Sean Berda Obituary, Hugh Boyd Secondary School Teacher Has Died

Sean Berda Obituary, Death – Sean Berda has passed away unexpectedly. He was a gentleman, scholar, friend, and teacher to many people. If you needed a smile, he was always willing to share. We will miss you and send our deepest sympathies to the Berda family. Even though he did not commit suicide by means of hanging himself, jumping off a bridge, taking drugs to end his life, or shooting himself, melancholy and anxiety nevertheless prevailed.

People who suffer from depression and anxiety have a button for self-destruction that is sometimes managed by the mind, and sometimes after so much, alone is oppressed as in this case,he died of an acute amiocardio-infact and ventricular fibrillation caused by depression and anxiety to all the people who are going through something so that they do not feel quite as alone in their struggles. When you don’t feel like getting up, it’s not because you’re being lazy, and it’s not because you’re trying to attract attention, as many others believe it is, but rather because you just don’t feel like it. They don’t understand it.

You never know when a mental illness will come knocking on your door or the door of a member of your family; moreover, they do not even know if it is already present in one of your friends or acquaintances because you do not see… Be more compassionate if you do not suffer from mental illness or if you do not have a family member who does. When a buddy tells you they want to talk, give them a few minutes to vent; we could save countless lives simply by not passing judgment on them and listening to what they have to say.

Stop mistreating people who visit a psychologist or psychiatrist; if a friend tells you they want to chat, stop mistreating those persons; mental illnesses are equally dangerous. Stop mistreating individuals who visit a psychologist or psychiatrist.