Sarah Obama Obituary, Barack Obama Beloved Grandmother Has Died

Sarah Obama Obituary, Barack Obama’s Beloved Grandmother Has Died

Sarah Obama Obituary, Death – Sarah Ogwel Onyango Obama, lovingly known as “Mama Sarah” by many but affectionately known to us as “Dani” or Granny, passed away, and my family and I are in deep sorrow. She was born in Nyanza Province, on the banks of Lake Victoria, in the first quarter of the previous century. She received no formal education, and in accordance with the customs of her tribe, she was married off to a much older man when she was just a teenager.

She would live out the rest of her days in the little village of Alego, in a mud-and-thatch brick dwelling with no indoor plumbing or electricity. She reared eight children there while also caring for her goats, chickens, and various vegetables. She took what the family wasn’t used to selling at the neighborhood open-air market. Granny would raise my father as her own despite not being his biological mother, and it was in part because of her support and affection that he was able to overcome the odds and perform well enough in school to be awarded a scholarship to attend an American university.

Her homestead served as a safe haven for her children and grandkids during trying times for our family, and her regular presence served as a grounding factor. It was Granny who acted as a bridge to the past and whose stories helped fill a vacuum in my heart when I first traveled to Kenya to learn more about my heritage and father, who had already passed away by that point. The world war, liberation movements, moon landings, and the arrival of the computer age were all events that Granny would see firsthand throughout her lifetime.

She would live to fly in jets, entertain guests from all over the world, and witness the election of one of her grandsons to the presidency of the United States. She never changed, however; she remained strong, proud, and hardworking, uninterested in conventional status symbols, and she was also full of wit and common sense. Although we shall mourn her terribly, we are grateful for her lengthy and extraordinary life.