Sandra Allott Obituary, Sandra Allott Has Passed Away

Sandra Allott Obituary, Death – Sandra Allott passed away on April 12th, 2023, after living a full and joyful life for a very long time. As the vast majority of you have very certainly already been informed.

Sandra was not only a much-loved and treasured member of our local community, but she was also the most wonderful, fun, kind, and caring wife, mother, and grandmother to eight grandchildren.

She was also a member of our local community that was very liked and cherished. She was a member of our community who was held in high esteem and affection by a great number of people.

Sandra has committed an incredible 29 years of her life to providing the residents of Addingham with the best flavorful fish and chips that she can make. Everyone who had the honor of calling her a friend will feel a profound sense of loss at her passing.

Sandra will be leaving her residence, which was once known as Old Station Fisheries, for the very last time on Friday, May 5 at 12:15 p.m. Sandra will be making her way up Main Street toward Silsden, so if you would like to pay your respects to her, please stop by and do so as she travels in that direction.