Samia Rogers Obituary, 8th Grade Slidell Junior High Student Has Died

Samia Rogers Obituary, Death- An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident that resulted in the death of a 14-year-old junior high school cheerleader named Samia Rogers has left a normally tranquil neighborhood in Slidell in a state of shock.

The accident took place on Lefleur Drive near Slidell on the evening of Tuesday, April 25, when an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that was carrying Rogers and her friend, who was also 14 years old, was unable to handle a curve in front of Marc Bonis’ house. “The street goes in a straight line before making a left bend. It appears that they were incapable of negotiating, and it appears that they did not recognize this until it was far too late,” Bonis added.

After colliding with a tree, both girls were reportedly flung off the four-wheeler and landed in Bonis’s backyard, as stated by Bonis. According to eyewitness accounts, the collision resulted in the loss of a wheel, and neither of the two adolescents was protected by a helmet. Rogers was pronounced dead as soon as she was brought to a nearby hospital, despite the efforts of both her neighbors and the emergency medical personnel who were sent to the scene. Even while it is not unusual to see ATVs rolling through the region where the neighborhood is located near Bayou Liberty, the residents of the community said that what took place last night was unsettling.

Both of the girls were students at Slidell Junior High School, thus mental health professionals were recently dispatched there by the St. Tammany Parish school system. Samia Rogers, a student at Slidell Junior High School who was in the eighth grade when she went unexpectedly, is being remembered with grief by our community. This information was disseminated by the Slidell Police Department on April 26, 2023. Rogers will be remembered as a well-liked student who had just been chosen to participate in the cheerleading squad at Slidell High School, which she was planning to attend the next school year. According to eyewitnesses, Rogers’ friend sustained leg injuries in the incident; however, at this time, there is no official information on her health.