Roxboro Quebec Shooting, Home Shot Up In Montreal’s Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough

Roxboro Quebec Shooting, Following claims that rounds were fired at a residential property located in the upper-northwest quadrant of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough, the Montreal Police Department has begun a new investigation into the situation.

This comes after the department received the information. The department has reacted after being urged by these reports to do so. There was a flurry of activity at the emergency hotline number 911 at approximately 11:15 o’clock at night. The calls were coming in from every corner of the earth. The information that was gathered on Thursday evening revealed that at least one person had opened fire at a property on 16 Street, which is located in the Roxboro district in close proximity to the intersection of 15 Avenue.

This information was revealed by the fact that it was discovered that at least one person had opened fire on the property. This knowledge was obtained from local law enforcement. This particular piece of information was found because of the fact that at least one individual had fired their weapon on the property before it was investigated. In response to a request for help that was made, members of the Montreal Specialized Police Unit (SPVM) were dispatched to a neighborhood that was predominately made up of residential areas. They discovered a house there that had been damaged by missiles and looked inside to see the devastation that had been done.

The interior of the house was badly wrecked by the fire. They didn’t have to look very hard before they noticed shot casings strewn across the ground in a variety of locations; they were all over the place. There were no reports of any injuries, and nobody who seemed to be behaving in an abnormal manner could be seen anywhere in the building.

The Specialized Police Vetting and Management Division (SPVM) sent out members of its canine unit as well as specialists who specialize in forensic identification in order to acquire information that its detectives would find beneficial in the process of trying to solve this case. This information would be found to be helpful in the process of working to solve this case. This was done as part of an investigation into determining who was responsible for committing this crime.