Rondo Mieczkowski Obituary, Rondo Mieczkowski Has Died

Rondo Mieczkowski Obituary, Death – Rondo Mieczkowski, owner of Coldwater Canyon Provisions, passed away recently, and it is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you.

Rondo wasn’t simply a cherished part of our vendor community; wherever he went, he created a community of like-minded people. He was dedicated to obtaining his food from the market growers themselves.

Therefore, if he wasn’t at his booth, you could find him putting or picking up an order, having a conversation with a farmer about when to expect the first harvest of something seasonal he wanted to preserve, or meeting up with any one of his fellow vendors.

If he wasn’t at his booth, you could find him placing or picking up an order. Rondo took advantage of practically every opportunity that presented itself to him.

He sold his preserves at local markets all throughout Southern California, he participated in the inaugural class of our Seasoned Accelerator program, and he was one of the first vendors to become a part of the LA River Farmers’ Market and our eat! internet platform. also was given a number of honors for his jams and preserves, and also offered some wonderful recipe suggestions, such as making a salad dressing using the juice from Tarragon cherries.

As we read the touching remembrances written by Rondo’s friends and those he worked with, we find ourselves thinking back on the times we shared with him.