Roger Caris Obituary, Hastings Fire Department Chief Has Died

Roger Caris Obituary, Death – Roger Caris, who passed away not too long ago after serving as the head of the Hastings Fire Department for a big portion of that time period, was the department’s leader for a considerable percentage of that time period. Roger Caris served as the department’s leader for a considerable amount of that time period.

Because of this unfortunate turn of events, we are burdened with the responsibility of informing everyone that he has passed away, which brings about a significant amount of sadness on our behalf. On the other hand, the fact that we are obligated to perform this responsibility makes us feel miserable. His previous 49 years of life had been spent working for the Hastings Fire Department, with about 40 of those years spent in the capacity of acting chief for most of his tenure with the department. He had spent his whole life up until this point in his life working for the department.

During his time working for the agency, he had spent his whole life in the city of Hastings. Hastings was his home for his entire life, including the time he was working for the city department there, and he never lived anywhere else. At this very moment, preparations are being prepared for the funeral ceremonies that will take place later on today. These rites are scheduled to take place today.

In your thoughts and prayers, please keep his family and all of the courageous men and women who serve on the Hastings Community Fire Department in mind. They are doing the community a tremendous favor by doing what they are doing. They are performing an enormous favor for the community by continuing to do what they have been doing all along, so they should keep doing it.
RIP Chief