Robson Gracie Obituary, Robson Gracie Has Passed Away

Robson Gracie Obituary, Death- It has recently been brought to my attention that the famous Robson Gracie Sr. has suddenly gone away. Robson Gracie Sr. was also the father of my instructor, Renzo Gracie.

Back in the day, when Mr. Robson Gracie would frequently travel to New York to see his son, he would never miss an opportunity to pay a visit to the blue basement. These excursions took place a very long time ago. We were all bracing ourselves for a dragon that breathed fire due to the nature of his sons when he arrived, and as he did so, we saw him. We were completely and utterly wrong. There is no turning back now. Mr. Robson Gracje Sr. had a temperament that was known for being very gentle and reserved.

As soon as he stepped foot into the room, he assumed the persona of a bystander who would observe, take notes, and provide useful commentary based on the wealth of knowledge he had acquired over the years. The information that he relayed to us one day after school via his son Renzo is something that I will never be able to forget. What he said is something that will stay with me forever. He declared that the ultimate goal of martial arts was not to make the strong stronger, but rather to make the weak sufficiently strong so that they may stand up to anyone and walk with dignity and confidence in a rough and tumble world.

He said this because he believed that the weak were more likely to benefit from learning these skills than the powerful. He asserted this on the basis of his belief that those with less capability were more likely to profit from the acquisition of these abilities than those with greater capability. It was a profound statement coming from a martial arts master who had trained several generations’ worth of the world’s most accomplished fighters. It was said that the world’s most accomplished fighters had been trained by this master.

He was there during the formative years of his art, during which he made significant contributions to its development, during which he helped shape the icons of a new generation of Jiu-Jitsu representatives, and during which he witnessed Jiu-Jitsu’s evolution from a regional family art to a worldwide sport with a following on a global scale. He made these contributions and witnessed this evolution while he was there. I want to encourage Renzo and his family to keep their strength.