Renee Smith Obituary, DeForest WI, Renee Smith Has Died

Renee Smith Obituary, Death- Renée L. Smith, who was a resident of Wittenberg, Wisconsin, was a patient at the ThedaCare Medical Center in Shawano when she passed away on August 12, 2022. Her death occurred on that date.

It was the year 1964 and she was 64 years old. The child of Roger Roehl Sr. and Eulalia (Woller) Roehl was given the name Renée Roehl as her middle name. Eulalia was the name of her mother when she was born. She was born on August 28th, 1957, in the city of Wausau, which is situated within the state of Wisconsin. On the 30th of December in 1985, Renée and John Smith exchanged their wedding vows and thus became husband and wife at that time. They became husband and wife because of this event.

The Shawano County Courthouse served as the venue for the activity that was carried out earlier. They went through with the divorce not long after that, but on July 5, 1986, after having lived apart for some time, they reconnected and got married once more to make up for lost time. Reading and putting together jigsaw puzzles were Renée’s two favorite things to do in her leisure time because they both challenged her brain. After Renée’s passing, no one but her husband John, her brothers Roger and Kim ‘Stretch,’ and her father will remember her in any manner. No one else will.

Before Renée came along, her parents were the only surviving members of her family. Renée’s arrival changed all of that. A memorial service is going to be held, but the only people who will be there are members of the deceased person’s immediate family. The wake and funeral will be held in the Maple Grove Cemetery in the Town of Maine, where the deceased will also be laid to rest.

The family has reached out to the Schmidt & Schulta Funeral Home in Wittenberg in the hopes of receiving assistance from the funeral home in the process of preparing the necessary arrangements for the funeral. You are more than welcome to pay the Schmidt-Schulta family a visit at their website, which can be found at, in order to offer them your condolences or discuss a fond memory with them.