Regina Seaton Obituary, Regina Seaton, 91 , dies in fire at East Greenbush Park

Regina Seaton Obituary, Death – Police have released the name of the woman who died on Thursday as a consequence of a fire that broke out in her home in an East Greenbush trailer park. The fire started in her trailer park apartment. She is 91 years old and has lived an interesting life.

The fire that killed her was also responsible for the loss of four other residences in the park, some of which were completely destroyed. The victim was identified as Regina Seaton by the East Greenbush Police Department in a statement made on Wednesday. The statement was made public by the media. The data has been made available to the entire public. On Friday, emergency personnel from the fire and police departments were dispatched to the Hanley Motor Home Park, located at 148 Columbia Turnpike. The complaint was received at 3:30 p.m.

When they arrived, they noticed flames exploding from one of the trailers, as well as a dense, dark column of smoke rising from the location. Furthermore, there was a substantial amount of smoke. The hissing sound caused by propane tanks positioned adjacent to the homes contributed to the cops’ already heightened sense of uneasiness. The proprietor of the trailer park promptly began cleaning up the damage left by the fire the following day, one day after the accident.

A number of residential properties had been damaged as a result of the fire, and one of those homes had been completely destroyed. According to a police statement issued on Wednesday, they have a strong suspicion that the incident was caused by an electrically powered coffee maker or a hot plate that was placed on top of the stove while it was plugged in.