Ramona High School Lockdown,15-year-old Boy detained after deputies investigate threat to Ramona High School

Ramona High School Lockdown – In response to a rumor that arose over the potential for such an event, the administration at Ramona High School has disproved a report that there was going to be a shooting on campus on Friday. The rumor spread over the likelihood of such an incident. A rumor was spread about the possibility that something like this might take place. According to the information that was provided, there was going to be a shooting.

Rowena Mak, the head of the educational establishment, got in touch with the families of the pupils at the school by sending an email to every one of them. She also personally met with each of the families. She mentioned in the email that administrators and security specialists were aware of the potential threat and had taken the necessary steps to investigate the subject and that they had already taken the proper steps to investigate the matter. She also said that an investigation into the situation was now underway. She also voiced her appreciation to the families for their unwavering support throughout the process.

This information, which was contained in an email that was forwarded around, includes attachments that were included in the email. Even though Ramona High School is going to keep its regular class schedule, it is ultimately up to the parents to determine whether or not they want their children to attend the school. Even though Ramona High School is going to keep its usual class schedule. Despite the fact that Ramona High School is planning to stick to its usual schedule for classes. Despite the fact that Ramona High School intends to keep its lessons on its typical schedule, the school is closed today. There will be no alterations made to the timetable of the classes in any way.

It is said that Mak was mentioned in the statement as saying something along the lines of “based on the information we have gathered, I am confident in stating that these rumors are just that — unsubstantiated rumors.” This is according to what was believed to have been said about Mak. After making the above statement, Mak stated, “And we have every reason to believe that our campus is safe for all of us,” We do not have any basis for questioning the safety of the campus where our school is located.