Phillip Sweeney Obituary, Phillip Sweeney Has Passed Away

Phillip Sweeney Obituary, Death – Everyone here was taken completely by surprise when they told us about Phillip Sweeney’s passing away the other day, and our hearts are filled with an overwhelming sense of loss as a result.

We are praying for him, his family, and each and every one of his coworkers at this time. Everyone who visits our track on an annual basis is able to attest to the fact that Phillip was a significant driving force behind our little club and that he was always so generous with his time and efforts behind the scenes to keep our track in tip-top form.

This is something that can be seen by anyone who visits our track. Those who are fortunate enough to count themselves among his friends can attest to the fact that you will never come across another person who is more devoted to helping others or charitable than he or she is. On a personal level as much as on an organizational one, we are going to miss having him here.