Phil Donaldson Car Accident, New Zealand, Phil Donaldson Has Died, GoFundMe

Phil Donaldson Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, April 12th, our lives were completely turned upside down, as many of you are aware. My fiancé Phil, who is also the love of my life, was killed in a terrible vehicle accident in New Zealand while he was there to visit his friends and family back in the United States.

He was unable to flee as his vehicle drifted off the road and flipped over, trapping him inside. Phil was able to escape the situation thanks to the help of his buddies and the first responders who came on the spot. He was rushed to Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital, where he is being treated in the Spinal Unit by some of the most qualified medical specialists. Quickly after, I received a phone call from the hospital, telling me that I needed to come to New Zealand as quickly as possible because he might not survive the emergency operation. We promptly boarded the next available flight after speaking with Phil’s parents, who were rushing to be with him.

There is no simple way to describe it, but Phil is paralyzed. He has a major spinal cord damage, notably at the C4 vertebrae, as well as a severe limb injury. At this point, the grim prediction is that Phil will be paralyzed from the neck down. While we will always hope for the best, this is not encouraging. Phil is lucky in that he is both mentally and physically strong, and he has an excellent support network. Since the accident, Phil’s parents and I have spent every day at his side in the hospital as he recovers. His siblings, including his brother and sister, came to his side as soon as they could.

We rub his hair and tell him we adore him. Phil can’t speak because he’s still hooked up to a breathing tube, but he tries his hardest to communicate. He’s been medicated on and off, but he’s aware of everything that’s happened.  Click to visit Phil Donaldson GoFundMe page.