Peter Langone Obituary, 41-year-old Peter Langone Has Died

Peter Langone Obituary, Death – Peter J. Langone was born on April 25, 1960, and his family resided in Roslyn Heights, New York, at the time of his birth. There were three members of his family: Joanne, Rosemarie, and Tommy, his only sibling. Peter is a graduate of both Roslyn High School and Nassau Community College, both of which he attended.

In addition to Peter’s employment with the FDNY, his brother Tommy and Peter both served as commanders at the Roslyn Rescue Fire Company, where they were responsible for the training of additional volunteers. Peter was married to Terri Langone, and the couple had two daughters together, Nikki, who was 9 years old, and Karli, who was 5 years old (at the time of Peter’s death) Peter adored both of his daughters very much. It was one of his favorite things to do with the girls to take them swimming, which was why he did it so often. The trip to Disney World was on the agenda for the family in the month of December.

Peter was known to be kind, generous, hard-working, and loving by his friends and family. They also said that he had a golden heart and that he enjoyed hunting.
Peter was a member of the FDNY Engine Company 252 in Brooklyn, New York, and served as a fireman there. As a volunteer firefighter in Roslyn, New York, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Paul, who had served the community in that capacity for 33 years. Peter hurried to the site at the World Trade Center in the early morning hours of September 11, 2001, in order to assist and rescue the injured and trapped individuals who were located in the Twin Towers.

Before entering the building and beginning search and rescue operations, Peter could be seen on tape gazing upward at the towers. This was the last time anyone saw Peter, and regrettably, he passed away when he was inside the towers. He made the supreme sacrifice in order to assist and save the lives of others. Tommy Langone, Peter’s brother and 39 years old at the time, worked for the Emergency Service Unit of the New York City Police Department. In the process of responding to the incident at the World Trade Center, he also lost his life.