Otis Redding Obituary, Otis Redding, 59 ,Has died from Cancer

Otis Redding Obituary, Death – Otis Redding III’s family informed friends and admirers on Wednesday that the singer and guitarist had died at the age of 59 from cancer complications. He was the son of Otis Redding, a notable 1960s soul artist, and he shared his father’s name. Mr. Otis Redding Jr.

On December 10, 1967, Otis Redding, his father, and numerous members of his band were all aboard an airplane that crashed and killed them all. At the time of the occurrence, Redding was only three years old. After more than a decade, the younger Redding and his older brother Dexter formed The Reddings, a legendary funk band. They ended up releasing six albums during the course of the 1980s decade.

Karla Redding-Andrews, his sister, made the revelation in a message posted on the Facebook page of the Otis Redding Foundation, a Macon-based nonprofit maintained by the Redding family. She wrote, “It is with heavy hearts that the family of Otis Redding III confirms that he lost his battle with cancer last evening.” “It is with heavy hearts that the family of Otis Redding III confirms that he was a…” The administrative headquarters of the Otis Redding Foundation are in Macon.

Despite the fact that both of the Redding brothers’ singles—”Remote Control” and “Call the Law”—made it to the Billboard music charts, they were never able to equal their father’s level of popularity in the music industry. This despite the fact that the Redding brothers’ singles were both titled “Remote Control.” Redding continued to play and tour even though the band had disintegrated by the time the band’s final album was released in 1988. This occurred after the band had finished recording their most recent album.