Norma Daulat Obituary, Resident of Kanyakan Has Died

Norma Daulat Obituary, Death – Ma’am Norma T. Daulat, who was very close to each and every one of us, died away suddenly while keeping her composure and dignity right up until the very end. We would like to offer our sincerest condolences to her family as well as her friends on the passing of their family member or friend who has passed away.

She brought joy, affection, and laughter into the lives of everyone in the Kanyakan village, which is the primary reason why they all held her in the highest regard. Everyone will always appreciate the memories of her superb dance skills because of the way in which they were able to make other people feel. This is due to the fact that they were able to make other people happy.

Your beautiful spirit has toiled diligently and experienced all that life has to offer in order to be entitled to the rest and relaxation it deserves throughout eternity. We will all miss you very much, Ma’am Norma. Thank you for everything. Please be conscious of this fact. Your grin is one of those things that will remain etched in our memories for a very long time. Nkakabigla nman Ninang Norma Torres Daulat, My second Mother sa Kanyakan ES. God rest your soul