Nicole Richard Obituary, Nicole Richard Has Passed Away

Nicole Richard Obituary, Death – Although I’m sure you’ve already heard and that many others prayed all night, I felt obliged to personally share the news with you. My life’s love and best friend, Nicole Richard, died abruptly and unexpectedly last night as a result of complications with the delivery of our twin kids.

There was some clotting that occurred, necessitating immediate open-heart surgery. Although the clots were removed, there were still additional problems that need attention and resolution. She was literally in the greatest hands possible, and the medical staff gave her at least a fighting chance, which was all we could hope for at the moment given how serious the situation was.

I can’t begin to convey how appreciative I am to everyone who has reached out to us for the prayers and the outpouring of love that has been shown to us. To my family and me, it is really essential. Numerous individuals have been impacted by Nicole’s legacy of love, compassion, and hospitality. Making space at the dinner table for friends and family to assemble and enjoy a meal together was the thing that gave her the most joy.

Our hearts have been shattered in ways that cannot be patched. Already, I’m noticing how much I miss her.
John 16:33 Jesus said, “I (Jesus) have said all these things to you in order to give you peace in me.” You will run into difficulties in this life, but be encouraged because I have overcome it.