Nereyda Rodriguez Missing, Nereyda Rodriguez Has Gone Missing

Nereyda Rodriguez Missing – According to the Houston family, their teenage daughter is being jailed without her will, and they are preparing to celebrate Christmas without her.

They continue by saying that they will be spending Christmas without their daughter because they fear for her safety if she remains in captivity. They claim they’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas without their daughter because they fear she’s being held against her will.

The last time anyone spoke to Nereyda Rodriguez, she was 14 years old and had been absent for almost eight months. After that call, no one heard from her again. She wanted to go home and expressed it during the call, but the other person cut her off before she could finish. According to a broadcast that aired on KTRK-TV in Houston on Monday night, eight months have gone since Nereyda Rodriguez last spoke to her family.

Priscilla Navarro, a volunteer at the Laura Recovery Center, helped locate recent photographs of Nereyda after an announcer claimed there is evidence that she was kidnapped by a man she met online. New pictures of Nereyda were located with the help of Priscilla Navarro.

Finding recent photos of Nereyda was a major undertaking, but Priscilla Navarro was a huge help. Somebody in Pasadena, Texas apparently saw a girl who looked like Nereyda being carried into an apartment building. The victim allegedly shared this knowledge with her. The witness allegedly told us about this, as has been asserted. It is also said that she discussed this with another person who allegedly made this claim.