Nathan Hughes Obituary, Slocomb Alabama, Nathan Hughes Has Died

Nathan Hughes Obituary, Death – Nathan Hughes, Cade’s friend and classmate, died yesterday while I was traveling home after the Redtops’ playoff games.

I wept all night and woke up crying. My Dad took Cade to Bay Springs Automotive when he was 4. That day was unforgettable. Cade came home delighted about Nathan and Nathan’s dog.

He rambled about how they threw the football, ran, and played, and how he couldn’t wait to play with his pal at that business. Cade always said, “I need to stop and play with Nathan again” when we drove by the shop.

Months became years. Eight years later, Cade’s friend Nathan created Slocomb. Wow! He reminded them of the “good ole days.” The days when youngsters played all day. Friendships were clean and easy.

Unlimited friendships. Cade, his friends, and classmates were heartbroken last night when they realized life is unfair! I had to pull over today after Gracen’s game to cry.

I never met Nathan, but I felt like I did. If I could find him again, I would hug him. I’d tell him he’s a fantastic kid and pleased to be Cade’s friend. Cade said he chatted to Nathan daily at school.