Meshach Cornish Obituary, Fresno Minivan Meshach Cornish Killed In Collision With Large Truck

Meshach Cornish Obituary, Death – The driver of a minivan that was involved in an accident on Friday that resulted in his death has been positively identified thanks to the efforts of the Fresno County Coroner.

The collision took place in the county of Fresno. The accident occurred to the west of Highway 99, and it involved a work truck that was parked at the time of the collision.

His name was Meshach Cornish, and he had been alive for 36 years before he passed away. According to Fresno police Sgt. Diana Trueba Vega, who indicated that the collision took place at approximately 10:45 in the morning, Cornish was driving north on Marks Avenue toward Ashlan Avenue when he crashed into the back of a big work truck that was parked on Marks.

Vega stated that Cornish was heading toward Ashlan Avenue at the time of the accident. At that moment, Cornish was getting close to Ashlan Avenue. Cornish was driving his vehicle up Marks Avenue in the direction of the northbound lanes when the collision occurred.

The right lane of Marks Boulevard was blocked by the truck, according to the police; however, there were traffic cones directing drivers around it, so they shouldn’t have any trouble driving around it.

Cornish was sent to Community Regional Medical Center for treatment after an unanticipated medical emergency, but he passed suddenly not long after his arrival at the hospital.