Maurice Harper Obituary, Maurice Harper Has Sadly Passed Away

Maurice Harper Obituary, Death – Mr. Maurice Edward Harper of Buchan’s funeral will proceed to the Buchan Cemetery following the service, which is scheduled to commence at 1.30 p.m. on Friday (April 28), 2023, at the Buchan Recreation Reserve, which can be found at 5609 Buchan – Orbost Road, Buchan. Mr. Maurice Edward Harper of Buchan will be remembered at the service.

The memorial service will be held at the Buchan Recreation Reserve. Mr. Maurice Edward Harper, a Buchan resident, will be laid to rest in the local cemetery following the end of the burial service. Although your request will be carefully examined, flowers will not be delivered at this time. Any financial assistance donated to Peter Mac will be graciously received, and the organization will express its gratitude in the highest possible terms.

Users of the internet will be able to view the memorial ceremony for Maurice as it takes place online in real-time and may be accessible from anywhere in the world. Harper The family of Maurice Edward Harper would like to extend their condolences to anyone reading this and express their sorrow for your loss. Please know that you are in their thoughts if you are reading this. They are informing you that he has died and would like to express their sympathies for the loss that you must be experiencing. Beginning on March 10, 1929, and ending on April 15, 2023, all dates are inclusive.