Mason Roell Obituary, ResidengtOf Camden, Died At 19

Mason Roell Obituary, Death- A fatal head-on collision between a single automobile and a railroad car took place in Preble County and resulted in the death of a person. The accident involved both vehicles traveling in the same direction.

The crash occurred in Preble County, Ohio. One individual was fatally injured as a direct result of the accident, and as a consequence of the occurrence, another one passed away. It was determined that the victim was a young guy by the name of Mason C. Roell by the Dayton Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. At the time of the occurrence, Roell had just turned 19 years old. When the event that Mason C. Roell was there to witness took place, he was there. Roell calls Camden his hometown, and it’s also the city in which he made his debut in the world.

According to a press statement that was issued by the patrol, reports of an accident on Barnetts Mill Road in Somers Twp that involved a single car were received at approximately 3:29 in the morning. The incident reportedly occurred on the roadway. According to the reports, the event transpired in the township of Somers. Roell was struck by a train that was being operated by Norfolk Southern after he had passed through a junction that featured a level railway crossing, according to the Oregon State Highway Patrol.

The junction in question contained a four-way intersection. The car driven by Roell was heading in the opposite direction that the train was going. Roell was driving a GMC Sierra that was manufactured in 2006 when the accident occurred. The injuries that Roell experienced as a direct result of the collision caused him to pass away at the scene of the accident, where he was pronounced dead as a direct result of those injuries. mAt the location of the incident, the Camden Somers Fire Department, the Gasper Somers Fire Department, and the Camden Police Department all contributed additional aid.