Mary Smith Obituary, Licensed Counselor Has Passed Away

Mary Smith Obituary, Death – My good friend Mary Smith was a licensed counselor who helped people deal with a variety of challenges, including loss, trauma, and problems in their relationships. In addition, she was a tutor and a mentor to other people. Mary Smith lived for 74 years before she succumbed to cancer at the age of 74. She maintained a close connection to the community in Leeds, West Yorkshire, in which she had spent her childhood.

She was a warm and generous person, and as a result, her home became a haven for a huge number of students and professionals from other countries who remained with her. Her residence was commonly referred to as “the lodge. “Mary’s mother, Helen (nĂ©e Royal), is a nurse, and Mary’s father, Greville Hoyle, is a general practitioner. Both of Mary’s grandparents were medical professionals. Mary’s family has a long history in the medical field, and she was born in Tamworth, which is located in the county of Staffordshire.
We are very sorry to inform you that Mrs. Mary Catherine Pollock Smith has died away.

Her passing has left us with a tremendous sense of loss. The Reverend Roderick Merritt’s mother is known as Mrs. Smith. In the past, Reverend Merritt was responsible for serving as our Minister of Music. On Sunday, April 23, 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon, her funeral will be placed at the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. In the town of Arapahoe in North Carolina, the address of the church is 67 Martin Road. The responsibility of making the funeral arrangements has been given to Oscar’s Mortuary, which can be found in New Bern, North Carolina, at 1700 Oscar’s Drive.