Mary Quant Obituary, English Fashion Designer Mary Quant Has Died

Mary Quant Obituary, Death- This photograph was taken of Mary Quant, an English fashion designer who passed away very recently; it is a flashback to the years that have passed since it was taken. Mary was a muse of Vidal Sassoon’s, and it was for her that he created the now-iconic five-point bob haircut.

Mary was one of Vidal Sassoon’s muses. Vidal Sassoon counted Mary as one of his muses during his creative process. She may be seen striking a pose next to the renowned hairstylist in this picture, which was taken in the 1960s. This was a first, and it established the standard for the years that would follow, as can be shown by the fact that the bob is just as stylish now as it was in those days. This was a first, and it established a precedent for the years that would follow. This was the first time something like this had ever happened, and it set a standard for the years that would later follow. Two renowned people whose accomplishments have left an indelible impression in the annals of history in connection with our industry.

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