Martha Huguet Obituary, Martha Huguet Has Died

Martha Huguet Obituary, Death – The day that was written down in history books as being the day when Richard Huguet passed away was March 29. Richard Huguet’s first place of residence was in the city of Green Bay, which is located in the state of Wisconsin. He will be remembered by a close group of friends and relatives, all of whom will have the opportunity to talk to one another about their thoughts and feelings on his life and the experiences they had with him. Because of how much we are going to miss Richard, we are going to have to break the heartbreaking news that he has passed away with everyone.

Our feelings have been stifled by this burden. On this online tribute, the surviving family members of the deceased would be grateful if friends and acquaintances would write notes of condolence or send flowers as a symbol of their remembrance of the person who passed away. After the collection has been completed, they will be distributed among the various members of the family in accordance with their individual needs.

His grandparents Preston, Hanna, Bryce Hopkins, Zack, Gabby, Logan Frasch, Jake, Adam, and Megan Huguet, as well as his wife Shirley A. DeJardin, his children Lori Hopkins of Rice Lake, Pam (Rick Jeske), Brenda (Dan Frasch), and Robert (Tricia Minten) of Green Bay, as well as his siblings Janice Shernak of Texas and Linda Peter of Wisconsin are all present. His parents, Robert and Marie Huguet ( In addition to this, he was held in high regard and esteem by a sizeable number of nieces, nephews, and other members of the extended family who were kin.