Madison Pike Covington KY, Missing Found

Madison Pike, Found – First, as most parents will agree, the most important thing is that my daughter is safe at home, in my bed after a nice shower, and trying to fall asleep after obviously being very disturbed.

I’m grateful for social media, friends, family, neighbors, and community members that searched for her in cars, on foot, ATVs, drones, and other ways. You rock.

Ideas, assumptions, and judgments can harm when they don’t help. Never blame Madison’s mother. I hid my child’s bullying and expulsion. Madison chased after her mother for 10 minutes. “Wise and mature” Madison walked home.

Madison headed home at 4:48. I told her to hang up and report her whereabouts immediately. The phone died after she answered. I frantically drove around all the neighborhoods, stopping people walking, passing shops, and calling family and friends for aid. Friends’ parents looked.

After 40 minutes, Harnett County Sheriff. A K-9 team met me at Food Lion and drove her items home. The nearest tower rang her last call and service. 15-minute database pings. I posted on social media hoping someone saw her walking—maybe with a buddy or in a yard.

Thousands sought and shared her. Harnett County named Circle K off 87 at 10 PM. Staff reported Madison arrived drenched and crying for help. Two boys entered, saying they were seeking for their sister. Madison was hysterical, and many people had shared her images and Harnett County Sheriff’s Office up there, so they knew that wasn’t true. They reported two men in a blue pickup trying to kidnap her.

Madison said the two men had been following her since before Tingen RD, so she walked through those neighborhoods and knew that Tingen around the school and food store bumped up to Carolina Lakes, but she got disoriented running from them in the woods. After locating walled Carolina Lakes, she hid in the woods for hours. After four hours, they circled the parking lot.

After seeing them go, she entered the petrol station from Carolina Hills, and they turned around on Buffalo Lakes RD and followed her. Let police review surveillance. My daughter should rest tonight. Don’t persecute the family. Daughter, my fault. I know. Not her. Aided her.