List of Best Women’s Ski Jackets to Wear for the Remainder of Ski Season

List of Best Women’s Ski Jackets to Wear for the Remainder of Ski Season

Just because spring has arrived doesn’t mean you’ve lost out on ski season—or the greatest women’s ski jacket for your runs. In fact, given we’re in the late season and several labels have already begun to price down this year’s fashions, now may be the greatest time to buy a ski or snow jacket. With so many technical (and beautiful) alternatives available, it might be difficult to decide which ski or snow jacket is best for you.

You’re bound to have specific demands or preferences in mind, but that doesn’t mean expert counsel isn’t appreciated. So I asked Olympic gold winner and pro snowboarder Chloe Kim to give me the lowdown on what to look for in a snow jacket. First, ask yourself, “What are you attempting to accomplish?” While looking for a ski jacket, Kim says that the temperature of where you’re going, as well as your particular preferences—whether for fashion, movement, or anything else—will be the most important considerations.

Kim explains that there are numerous sorts of snow or ski jackets for different purposes—not it’s all ski suits and puffer jackets! “In the spring, I prefer something a little thinner, like a windbreaker vibe.” “When I compete, I don’t like to wear big or thick jackets,” she explains. “I normally layer up underneath because I prefer to move freely.” I prefer loose-fitting jackets since they are less constricting.” Next, consider whether the jacket will keep you warm and is made of high-quality materials.

“I would ask myself if the jacket is durable, is it going to last, and do I feel good wearing it?” Kim says of her snow jacket selection process. Is it anything that will be fashionable for a long time? ” Now that you’ve learned how to discover the greatest women’s ski jacket from a specialist, shop our top picks on the market below. There is so much to adore about the Halfdays Aston Jacket—or any of the brand’s products, in my opinion. Kiley McKinnon, a former Olympic skier, co-founded the firm, which focuses on designs for the modern woman’s body. Furthermore, they come in indisputably attractive and eye-catching hues that are easy to find on the mountain, such as this brilliant pink.

This jacket is popular among skiers because of its removable belt and hood, as well as its fully taped seams, which keep moisture out. If you want to complete the outfit, grab the matching bib pants as well. “As an over-50, unskinny girl with hips and an hourglass shape, I simply adore my Aston…elegant, it’s flattering, true-to-size, incredibly functional, and warm enough for days below freezing…the inner breast pockets and outer smartphone pocket w/ leash are perfecto,” says one customer. I generally wear a size 14 top and a size 16 bottom (depending on the brand). The XL fit perfectly with my Isabel XL snow pants.”