Lisa Owen Obituary, Lisa Owen Has Passed Away

Lisa Owen Obituary, Death- The tragic news that one of the founding members of DFOP, Lisa Owen, had gone away was brought to our attention yesterday. Lisa was a huge fan of the band Passion and all things related to trance music.

She helped many DJs in the scene by advocating on their behalf and devoting her conviction and passion to the cause of securing bookings for them. She launched her own radio program and advertised her Facebook page under the moniker “Trance Around the World.” Lisa, Owen contributed to the dissemination of the trance atmosphere. Our hearts and prayers are with Dan Owen and her family during this difficult time. In her honor, we will pay tribute to her at the next event that we host.

She was one of a kind and a genuine DFOP in every sense of the word. She was a big inspiration for me as a musician, and she was a large part of the reason why I am where I am now. I will miss her Passion for Passion terribly. Although we hadn’t come into contact with each other in the past few years, she was truly an original member of the group. Warm and welcoming, with a cheerful demeanor and a deep passion for music.

Extremely shocked and upset to learn of Lisa’s demise. Sincere condolences and lots of love to Lisa’s extended family and friends. I am in utter disbelief and profound sorrow to learn this. Trance music was a huge interest for Lisa, who was also a really kind and kind person. Throughout the years, at a variety of trance events held all across the UK, I have had the pleasure of speaking with her on a number of occasions. My heartfelt thoughts and sincere sympathies go out to her husband Dan, as well as the rest of her family and loved ones that she leaves behind.