Levi Porter Obituary, Levi Porter, 27, of Riverton dies in Galena Shooting

Levi Porter Obituary, Death – Last night at the scene of the suspected shooting death of Levi Porter, 27, from Riverton, Billy Barker, 49, of Galena, was apprehended. According to the authorities, Billy is thought to have shot and killed Levi. Groves asserts that the two men were acquainted, but he declines to further until formal charges are presented against them.

Barker is being held without bond at the Cherokee County Prison because he is accused of second-degree murder.in Tuesday night, just before 9:00 p.m., a fatal shooting occurred in the 800 block of Columbus Street (near West Empire Street), and the neighborhood police are already on the scene. A man was shot, and he later passed away from his wounds. Officials, however, have not yet commented on the specifics of a suspect.

We were able to speak with Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves, who was there during the incident. “At this time, our inquiry is still in its early phases. We are investigating the site and speaking with potential suspects as well as witnesses. So, as of right now, I wouldn’t say that the cops are holding anyone in custody. However, according to David Groves, the Cherokee County sheriff, law enforcement officers are already interviewing people who might be either witnesses or potential suspects.