Leonard Dyck Obituary, British Columbia, Leonard Dyck Has Died

Leonard Dyck Obituary, Death- When on the road, Leonard Dyck had a bad habit of not messaging his loved ones. But the 64-year-old Vancouver resident eventually bucked that trend in July 2019.

According to his wife Helen Dyck, “This was the first trip where I was able to convince him to text us every day if he could because usually he was never letting us know where he was.” So, he texted us after I instructed him to do so this time. He did indeed text us. On one of his numerous solo journeys, he sent his first and last texts to his family. Leonard’s family is still left with many unanswered questions four years after his murder in northern British Columbia, one of three victims who sparked one of the biggest police hunts in Canadian history.

In The Manhunt for Crime Beat, a Global TV program exploring Canada’s most notorious criminal cases, Helen and her sons Philip and Ben Dyck are discussing the killings and the police response for the first time since his terrible death. In his silver Toyota RAV4, Leonard, a botany instructor at the University of British Columbia, left his house on July 16 to go on one of his routine outdoor research excursions. He was quite eager to visit the brand-new Nisga’a Highway. then after that to Stewart, British Columbia, to observe the grizzly bears that are in Hyder, Alaska. up to Dease Lake, complete the loop, and then return,” said Helen.

“I wanted to go, but I was too exhausted, and usually he goes with one of the boys,” she said. He hasn’t traveled alone in a long time until this journey. I’m so relieved he handled that on his own. Be cautious, I said as I gave him a hug and kiss. Leonard’s final message to Helen stated that he had seen the grizzly bears and was leaving Stewart. “We were aware that he was beyond mobile reception. The weekend was in effect. I knew where he was when he got that since we had put petrol on the card,” Helen added. “And then there was nothing but silence.”