Lee Dawkins Obituary, Lee Dawkins of Union Has Passed Away

Lee Dawkins Obituary, Death – The individual whose body was found inside his home in Union County a week ago has been recognized as the deceased person by the coroner’s office. The coroner’s office discovered the body of the individual inside his home. Lee Dawkins, 62 years old, a resident of Union, was reportedly the target of an assault that took place on April 13, according to the findings of the coroner, William Holcombe.

However, Holcombe did remark that Dawkins was the victim of homicide, despite the fact that he would not disclose the reason why Dawkins passed away. He said that Dawkins was “put to rest” in this manner. A woman from Union, South Carolina, has been charged with murder after the death of a person that the police believe she was responsible for by assaulting them with a blunt object. The incident led to the victim’s death. A baseball bat is an object in consideration while talking about blunt objects.

This information was obtained from the Union police department. The police said that on April 13, they were called to Tiger Court in response to a domestic complaint that entailed an assault, and the report itself involved an assault. In accordance with the information that was divulged by the law enforcement officials, the deceased corpse of the victim was found inside of another residence, and she was located there. According to what they shared, the deceased person was given a final proclamation of death at the hospital where the incident took place.