Lee Cosens Obituary, Retired Sergeant Of Bradenton Police Department Has Died

Lee Cosens Obituary, Death – Sergeant Lee Cosens, who served with the Bradenton Police Department, fought valiantly against cancer for a very long period of time; nevertheless, in the end, he was unable to beat the disease and went away as a result of its effects. You are receiving this information with our most sincere condolences, as we deeply regret having to share it with you. We are sorry for the trouble this may cause. Sgt. Cosens established an impeccable reputation for himself as a consequence of the remarkable job that he did for our department as a patrol officer and detective for about ten years.

As a result of the great accomplishments that he made during that period, Sgt. Cosens earned a promotion to the rank of sergeant. He had been employed by the Army of the United States of America in the past and held a post there. In the year 2021, he received a promotion that elevated him to the rank of Sergeant, which was one level higher than the one he had held previously in the hierarchy of the organization. In addition to being a member of the Marine Unit, the Hostage Negotiation Team, and the State Emergency Response Team, Sgt. Cosens was also a member of a variety of other specialized teams. These teams include the Marine Unit, the Hostage Negotiation Team, and the State Emergency Response Team.

In addition to that, he was an active participant in the State Emergency Response Team. It goes without saying that our BPD family has been through a terrible tragedy and has endured a tremendous loss as a direct result of the untimely passing of a member of our group. This sorrow and loss were directly caused by the fact that one of our own passed away. Only Sgt. Cosens’s wife Amy and their two beautiful girls, who are currently six and seven years old, will survive him when he goes away; they will be the only members of his family he leaves behind. Remember his family and everyone else he has left behind in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. He has abandoned a significant number of people.