Kylie Minogue’s Red Lace-up Mini, Dress Great Outfits In Fashion History

There are celebrity fashion moments that are quite appropriate, and then there are the outfits that stick with you, the ones you want to try to duplicate at home no matter how difficult it may be. In the article “Great Outfits in Fashion History,” the editors of Fashionista discuss some of their all-time favorite ensembles. The majority of people throughout the world recognize Britney Spears as the “Princess of Pop” due to her dominating presence in the music industry. Kylie Minogue is another musician that is considered to be the best-known in Australia.

The release of her single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” in the year 2001 aroused an interest in Minogue’s repertoire as well as her celebrity all over the world. It’s possible that the year that followed the release of this album was the pinnacle of Kylie Minogue’s career, permanently establishing her as an iconic pop star. With her performance of the hit song at the 2002 Brit Awards, which began with her lounging on an ejected CD on stage, Minogue was instantly seen on the red carpet of every award show, talk show, and other event that honored musical artists.

When Minogue made her appearance at the World Music Awards the following month in Monaco, she sported a look that has survived the test of time. She wore a corseted short dress made of red satin and paired it with thigh-high black leather boots. Black laces were pulled up on one side of the dress to cinch the form, and the garment appeared to be a custom design by Dolce & Gabbana (though that was quite some time ago, excuse us). This look may be put together from head to toe for a night on the town or even for a performance on an international stage today. You can find a variety of options to harness Minogue’s Y2K flair farther down the page.