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Kristi Griffin Obituary, Death –Kristi was discovered unresponsive on Saturday, February 11th; she was not breathing and her heart was still beating. She was taken to Crisp Regional, where doctors diagnosed her with hypothermia, convulsions, and damage to her brain and heart.

She is currently being ventilator-supported at Augusta University Medical Center. She has a collapsed lung, a fever, and continues to have seizures.

Several tests have been performed, and she is no longer under anesthesia. We had hoped and prayed for her recovery for the past two days. No one seems to care, and the lack of optimism has us in pieces.

As each day passes, it becomes more difficult to imagine what lies ahead for her. Kristi does not have access to medical coverage. The future of our medical costs is completely unpredictable.

We have been attempting to get her registered for government aid, but have had no luck thus far. We have been making frequent trips to Augusta to see Kristi, who is currently living there. Some have been absent from work, which impacts their salary.

We’re making every effort to keep Kristi on the team. We appreciate everyone’s support, kindness, and prayers so much. We adore her and require her presence.

My little sister needs your prayers. Please say a prayer that she recovers quickly and may return home. Help me and my loved ones in prayer as we go through this challenging period.